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Nick Oldschool

Last Edited:
Two different concepts of logo for veejay and beatboxer.
  • olveejay,  comedian,  beatboxer,  good guy
  • forms of N and K (title and last letters) are almost mirror image
  • i played with it for to find optinal composition of the font
  • geometry is simple and symmetrical
  • and it can work with old school ribbon
  • microphone is his main device
  • here good placement for it
  • now it needs some spikes around to be a rock and not to roll
  • shadows
  • and rockin' hand on top
  • basic color version
  • halloween version
  • more funk colors
  • Later name was changed to N I K Oldschool after previous concepts was almost done.Previous version without C can't work good with such geometry and also can remind logo of Nine Inch Nails band.So, I just made new and different concept.
  • i started from this base
  • and made simple ambigram
  • this is full-colored version
  • so, how it works: the logo needed some interactivity, something like different skins and i decided to play with some oldschool or actual elements - things he works with (actual objects) and some key things of our history here (oldschool). For example, this is old microphone.
  • kolbasa is popular food for long time.
    we also have a verb -kolbasitsya- what means to have a joy / to hang out, clubbing
  • kefir + fresh long loaf was popularcombination for breakfast / fast lunch in USSR.
    we also have popular song about it
  • first adidas came to USSR in 80s, blue sneakers was like big and deficient dream 
  • first action movies
  • first cell phones
  • lemon is million
    that slang was popular from late 80s. it was time of fast money and first millionaires
  • i love first thrillers and jason's mask
  • version for day of army

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