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    28th international music festival 
  • The visuals created for the identity of the 2012 International Festival Druga Godba are an homage to France Mihelič, one of the greatest Slovenian painters. Musicians (or godci in Slovenian, the root of the word is also featured in Druga Godba), a prominent motif of his body of work, was reinterpreted, firstly by reinventing the characters to suit the contemporary music styles and, secondly, by applying a low polygon technique.

    A custom font was designed for the project. The font used was stripped of its weight and three different variants were created with the same characteristics (one for the main image, one for the artists’ names, and one for other uses).

    The band was animated using different frames in a number of medium applications.

    co-illustrator: Martin Šoštarič
    photos: Tilen Sepič

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