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  • Sugar Deli Food Center NYC
    Pack_2 /// Fall 2011
    Redesign and create a line of deli meats and products to expand any current or fictitious deli of your choice. Strengthen the brand identity through cohesive packaging that speaks to the target audience.
    I chose to redesign the Sugar Deli Food Center in New York and work with a modernized picnic concept based on the "Now Serving No." tickets you often see in delicatessens. Each item carries a unique number with a description of the item on the label. The final label design was applied to cold deli meats, fish, poultry, beef, pork, lamb, sandwiches, bread, pastries, coffee, tea, sodas, rubs, spices, condiments, and specialty products/tools.
    Concept: Now serving No. tickets, gingham.

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