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Address Unknown - Taiwanese Food Van

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Address Unknown is a Taiwanese Food Van. The name was chosen to create a sense of mystery, and the whole branding is conceptualised in a direction of mystery and curiosity. It is stylised in both western and eastern style to be approachable for both audience.
  • Address Unknown
    Taiwanese Food Van
  • There are a lot of street food already out in the market selling food from sausages to tacos, and the graphic elements to help communicate their brand varies from hand painted graphics to carefully printed graphics.

    Address Unknown is one of those street food restaurants but with Taiwanese traditional street food as their menu. Too many food trucks are out there on events and festivals selling the same old food with same old design. The importance of business is to make it stand out from the rest of its competitors and draw their attention, and for food trucks it will be looked by thousands of customers. In order to make those customers ours, it is important to have the right branding through the identity. Where most of the food trucks haven’t considered much on the identity of the business, it is important to have an identity as it is the face of the business.

    For this food van, the name Address Unknown has been chosen to emphasise the idea that the van is always on move. Newspaper graphic element also helps to creates a sense of mysteries for customers to be curious about. The promotions and marketing direction is also taken in a direction of mysteries with the QR code concepts. 

    Address Unknown has been designed in a mix of western and eastern styles to be approachable to both audience. 
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