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Affectmedia Identity

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Believe it or not Affect Media opened for business in October 1998 working out of a briefcase having no office. Today we have our own offices and production studios, employing many graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists. And the way we work is still shaped by our central believe: that energetic ideas that enjoyed ourselves are the key to successful brand communication.
  • Affectmedia Identity
    Designed by Ivan Manolov
  • Some facts about Affectmedia Advertising Village!
    Population: Ranging from a dozen to 20 depending on projects
    History: Affectmedia was formed in the fall of 1998
    Culture: rich digital and print visual arts, events and performing arts, good skills in
    Mortal Combat martial arts, etc.
    Crafts: digital design masterpieces, quality print production and hand-made products
    Climate: friendly atmosphere, no pollution, only typical sea breeze blows the
    concentration after 6 p.m.
    Location: northern suburbs of Varna, right after the road sign “end of town”
  • The object of the task was to create something eye pleasing (kissing).
  • Logolicious

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