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Past and current clients include: Lustr,, Sightunseen, Lenovo, American Express, Kingswood, Cravings, Richard Haines
  • Brightspot
    Brightspot is a new prepaid phone service launched by the retailer Target. Our mission was to develop a logo and branding/packaging system for the client that had a friendly and engaging personality, much like the phone service itself.
  • WNBA Logo
    Teaming up with OCD for the Women's National Basketball Association rebrand, we created a new primary mark with a more contemporary and authentic figure. 
  • Extensions by Motorola Solutions
    MX is an enterpriose-class security platform developed by Motorola Solutions. A new logo was created, emphasizing the stability and robustness of the product.
  • Canoe
    Canoe enables national TV network programmers to easily insert advertising into
    video on demand programming on cable TV. Team effort with the fine people at Collins
  • Animated version of the logo.
    An appropriate icon-family, website design, and accompanying collateral was created for the design site Looking to expand it's operations beyond a single site, but having a previously scattered and inconsistent look, the brand was brought under one consistent umbrella.

  • More Party Animals
  • Sight Unseen is an  that takes readers inside the worlds of design, art, fashion, food, photography and other disciplines.

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