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Børk - Creative Studio

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My final project at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Børk is a Scandinavian creative studio that designs patterns and artworks to use on items such as gift wrapping papers, blankets, pillows and wallpapers.
  • Final project at the Iceland Academy of the Arts
  • Børk is a creative studio that designs patterns and artworks to use on items such as gift wrapping paper, blankets, pillows and wallpaper. Børk builds its brand and style on Scandinavian design and works with Scandinavian themes and topics as primary source of inspiration in the product development. As a part of my final project I have designed a gift wrapping paper collection. To fulfill the strategy that Børk has devoted itself to, the design must work as well in as a poster as it would as a gift paper, setting it aside from traditional wrapping paper. The purpose of Børk is to provide a platform for Icelandic designers to design gift wrapping papers and other mediums that use decorative patterns or artworks as the main buying incentive for potential buyers. Emphasizing the specific caracter and quality of Scandinavian graphic design, the company aims to develope those characteristics further within its style and imagery.
  • Branding
  • The branding part of Børk includes naming of the company, logo design and graphical elements, packaging for the products, website,stationery and business-card design. The name Børk is short for Börkur or Bark as in tree-bark and usage of the logo around corners in signage and in the stationary package is a reference to the initial meaning of the name, i.e. to cover or conceal. The reason for using the Danish letter Ø instead of the Icelandic ö in the company's name is to emphesize the Scandinavian reference.
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • The gift wrapping paper features two seperate topics. Scandinavian birds and fish species portrayed in geometric style using simple shapes such as triangles and circles. The second topic is altitude lines of glaciers with various weather symbols.

    100 X 70 cm
    70 X 50 cm

    100gr/m2 Munken Pure
  • Color Palette
  • The idea is to have an annual collection, differentiating itself witha changing color palette. The colors I use have a festive tone to them without becoming seasonal.
  • Altitude lines
  • Altitude lines of Icelandic glaciers. Thick lines give an abstract Marimekko style to the series. 
  • Vatnajökull
  • Langjökull
  • Mýrdalsjökull
  • Birds and fishes in Scandinavia
  • Bird and fish species that can be found in Scandinavia. The main challenge was to simplify the shapes without sacrificing the recognizable characteristics of the animals.
  • Bird series
  • Fish series
  • Birds and fishes
  • Retailers contact Børk here.
  • The making of is also interesting. See it here.

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