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Branding scheme & proposal for Bootle town.
  • Branding scheme and proposal for Bootle Town
  • Bootle is a new area of focus for regeneration within Liverpool, and plans are in place to help build a brighter future for the town.

    Architecture students from the LSAD created their own regeneration schemes for the town, focusing on substainability.

    Myself and Kit Ambage worked together on designing a masterplan document for one of the group’s proposals, and from there went on to create a hypothetical branding proposal for Bootle.

    Together we created a new scheme to give Bootle a facelift and clear identity that could push the town forward.
    This wasn’t a scheme to promote tourism like most town or city branding, this was a scheme to promote substainabilty to the locals.

    Our design elements were documented within a case study, containing details of our visual approach, which included a logo, colour scheme, banners & posters, hoardings, stationery set and most significantly, a typeface built specifically for Bootle.

    The typeface, was inspired by the carvings in the wall of Bootle town hall, and the three stripes are a reference to Bootle’s long standing town motto; ‘Respice, Aspice, Prospice’ latin for past present future.

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