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Client: ByWho Date: 2012 Assignment: Identity
  • ByWho

    Client: ByWho
    Date: 2012
    Assignment: Identity
  • ByWho is a new fashion brand targeted at the Chinese market, but designed with a Nordic idiom and approach to style and aesthetics.

    The Danish designer behind the brand, Jacob Christiansen, have devised the concept where each new collection is being created in collaboration with a different fashion designer – hence the name ByWho?

    Taking inspiration from the Chinese culture of calligraphy and writing, the visual identity is based on a typographical solution, combining the two words of the brand name in one coherent wordmark. Furthermore, a more figurative symbol in the shape of a mask, is added to the identity to function as a distinguishing mark, independent of the brand name. The design solution meets the fundamental challenge, that the brand identity should reflect the visual style of traditional western luxury brands – but also be able to enter into Chinese visual culture and not conflict with locally charged symbolism.

    In connection to creating the visual identity, we were also asked to design a series of t-shirts, which will be included in the brand's first collection. Inspired by the optical phenomenon moiré, we made a series of graphic patterns, varying in form and color over the same basic theme. The abstract nature of the patterns make them universally accesible across cultural boundaries and norms.
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