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El Sireno de Getxo

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Visual Identity and logotype for El Sireno de Getxo, the installation in Ereaga Wharf, Getxo, Basque Country.
  • El Sireno de Getxo
  • El Sireno de Getxo or in basque 'Getxoko Sirenoa' Is a collective project, a temporary installation of the photograph " El Sireno del Río de la Plata" by the argentine artist Marcos López in the Ereaga wharf of Puerto Viejo de Algorta . A curious installation since it is a photograph, and offers different readings depending on the tide. Marcos Lopez shows the peculiar reinterpretation of the famous Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, but changing gender and placing it in a very different context, and which was first in the Río de la Plata Argentina, a bank full of waste. The artist thus becomes a metaphor for the periphery and also refers to South-North migration.

    Beyond the simple installation of a photographic work on a dock, "El Sireno de Getxo" is presented as a multidisciplinary project that includes architecture, gastronomy and design.
    Architecture through the structure formed by 30 steel rectangular tubes 
    built to hold the image, designed by architect Xabier Goikoetxea.
    The gastronomic part has been reflected in the form of a stick, the "Pintxo Sireno" (basque tapa), half beef, half of fish, inspired by the work is a
     creation of Bilbao chefs Fernando Canales and Paul Ibarra from the Etxanobe restaurant
    IS Creative Studio designed the visual identity, the logotype that can be the new icon of Getxo, merchandising and promotional items as new souvenirs of the town.

    Installation will be during the 2011, is well worth a visit Getxo.

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