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Everything But Ordinary

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"When routine living becomes unbearable, we must seek out a new definition of home. One that provides both a physical and emotional shelter." A film festival to highlight the wonderful films of Sam Mendes as well as his focus on the various meanings of home between the individual films.
  • ary
    The search for meaning and home in the films of Sam Mendes.
  • Everything But Ordinary is a film festival showcasing the extraordinary films of Sam Mendes. Films include American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Revolutionary Road and Away We Go. Taking place at an abandoned navy base in Alameda, California, the theme of this festival revolves around the sense of transience and the ever-changing meaning of home between the individual films.
  • Film Festival Poster
  • Film Festival DVD Set: Includes DVD of the four films + short synopsis of each film
  • Film Festival Catalog Book
  • Product #1: Memory Card Game
  • Product #2: Thermos
  • Film Festival Ticket
  • Film Festival Pocket Schedule
  • Film Festival Stationery + Business Card (Luggage Tag)
  • Film Festival Advertisements
  • Film Festival Advertisement
  • Film Festival Website
  • Film Festival Website
  • Film Festival Website
  • Film Festival Website
  • Container: Old Croquet Kit 40"W x 6"D x 12"H

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