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Firefly Bicycles Branding

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While I would love to take credit for all of the great bike graphics you are about to see, the truth is that we (id29) merely got the team over at Firefly Bicycles rolling with a simple mark and some visual assets that they could play with. I was quite aware of Tyler, Kevin and Jamie's creative output while at Independent Fabrication—so trying to create a brand with parameters, rules and guidelines was a lost cause. The bikes they create are each unique, and thus the visual devices used constantly change and evolve. The final mark evolved out of a series of studies around the winged light-emitting bug as well as its relation to the "F" letterform. When all was said and done I handed off the logo, a skinned Wordpress theme, some various patterns and a guidebook that said "don't stretch the logo". So far so good! All bike photos shot by Tyler Evans.
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