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Fundación Proa

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Idetity design: Fundación Proa
  • Fundación Proa
    Identity Design
  • A modern art museum with features of aworld-class museum, a building with a total vocation of contemporaneity and experimentation, located in a place as singular in its urban neighborhood as Caminito.

    An encounter between two worlds, in which Proa serves as a filter that alters and modifies the perception of everything that surrounds it. It is not about denying the environment, theneighborhood’s origins, its essence, and its singularity, but rather to see it through “Proa´s filter”: experimental, avant-garde, international,transgressive, contemporary.

    The same happens with the exhibitions,artists and everything involved in the foundation: It is interposed between theviewer and what is exposed: artists, exhibitions, performances... thus creating its very own universe.

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