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Girt by Wood

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The branding of a boutique framing business specialising in simple,high quality, custom framing. Customers go though a consultation process taking a hand in every decision from, shape,timber and jointing to finish and glass.
  • Girt by Wood
    The branding of a framing company
  • ‘Girt by Wood’ is a boutique business specialising in simple,high quality,
    custom framing. Targeted at young professionals who are cultivating an
    interest in art and culture, and art collectors and coinsures, Girt by Wood aims
    to provide a holistic experience as much as a product. Customers go though a
    consultation process taking a hand in every decision from, shape,timber and
    jointing to finish and glass.

    The design draws on the rich history of framings as a craft and an art,
    recontextualising it in a minimalist and timeless manner for a modern audience.

    This was realized using strong typography,black and white filmic photography
    and effective use of paper stocks. I also employed specialty printing and inks,
    in addition to other tactile elements such as stamps, embossing, calico fabric,
    and laser wood engraving to suggest the textures of the workshop, and invite
    user interaction to create an emotional connection between the customer and
    the brand.

    The driving concept behind this design is the idea of the frame, not just in a
    physical sense, but as a concept ofunderstanding. By harnessing thisidea, I
    wanted to make‘Girt by Wood’ an ideology, a way of thinking andsomething
    bigger than a simple framing company.  Just as in any good restaurant you are
    paying for theatmosphereand the service as much as the food, the branding of
    Girt by Woodsuggests you are a critical part of the process in the creation of
    your frame, and this engenders a strong connection with the brand.
  • The final logo and a short hand version
  • A custom typeface designed specifically for Girt by Wood, it draws on old world charm while still suggesting modernism. additionally the serifs are designed to lock up to suggest carpentry.
  • A set of symbols designed to represent the different joints, sanding and finish options.
  • Business cards
  • With comps
  • A magazine insert designed to crop any image below it
  • Some spreads from a small collateral booklet. A custom White/Silver ink was printed onto an uncoated black                 stock,  using an offset lithographic proofing press.
  •      Another spread
  •  Another spread
  • Order form and recipt
  •  Booklet
  • Booklet
  •  Magazine insert
  • Decorative logo laser engraved onto a piece of drift wood.
  • Fabric tag attached to the back of each frame. The entire form was laser engraved into wood to form a large wood         block stamp. Additionally each of the custom symbols were also produced as wood block stamps. Each frame then             had a personalised and interesting reminder of the process.
  • The actual laser cut stamp
  • With comps

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