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Guitar Center Rebrand

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Rebranding project for Guitar Center
  • Guitar Center Rebranding
    Potential pitch for Guitar Center if they ever consider rebranding themselves.
  • Why rebrand?
    As the leading retailer of musical instruments in the US, the current identity reflects poorly the company’s position in the industry. It is outdated and conservative. Guitar Center is in a position where the brand equity is significantly strong, but the image it portrays has grown old. It has come to a time where the Guitar Center brand needs to step into the modern age, refresh itself, and continute to provide and build upon the services it already offers. They need to stay relevant in order to grow bigger, and better.

  • Moodboard
  • Initial Sketches
  • Solution
  • New idenity meaning:
  • Slogan
  • Divisions / Sub-brands Logos
  • Typography
    We have adopted a new typeface to represent Guitar Center as a whole; Gotham. This font family is flexible and can work across all media. We chose Gotham because of its sophistication but simple and modern look. We want to be accessible to all demographics and we believe that Gotham is something people can recognize as fresh and contemporary.
  • Colors
    With no intention of disregarding the entire current identity, we want to incorporate a part of it into the new logo, hence the new “Passion Red” color. It’s not too intense and conservative like the old red, it’s more refreshing, welcoming, contemporary which reflects the company’s new image.

  • Stationery System
  • External Marketing
  • Branded Space
  • Misc. Logo Applications
  • Brand Standards Manual
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