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Identity Collection 2009

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Round-up of corporate identities produced 2008 - 2009 at Profission.
  • The Iconic
    Fashioned around a simple 'z' this geometric iconic is designed to easily warp across a series of glossy pearlescent-style colour finishes.
  • The Typographic Treatment
    Dot-matrix fonts have been done to death and I wanted to use a typeface with a real print legacy for this, something instantly recognisable but obscured by the format. Avant Garde was an obvious fit; Lubalin's original ligatures making it the perfect choice.After producing a matrix that would work with the face all that remained was to pick the dots and get the balance right; the ‘W’ and ‘N’ had to be shortened to stop them looking obtuse, likewise the ‘LA’ ligature had to be extended as it was crowded, and with the ‘L’ and the equally-sloped ‘Y’ already included it had to follow suit. The logotype demands a lot of negative space and is used with DIN rendered in all-caps.

  • The Typographic Treatment
    Greenwood Brook is a company within the Profission family so its logotype borrows from Kozuka Mincho Pro. The weight is finer but the treatment is similar. The two names are brought together by slightly editing and merging the ascender on the ‘d’ with the stem of the ‘B’, and the serif’s are removed from the rounded lower-case letters to soften and speed up pronunciation.
  • The Iconic
    The Greenwood family crest features a white chevron over a black shield; likewise the Brook crest features a black shield. Here the chevron is inverted and originates from under the wings of the griffons. It is not used in full unless it is the only visible element. When used with the logotype, or as an element, only half is shown and is aligned to the edge of the document. The iconic is used as clear or silver foil, embossed, or in black or white.

  • The Typographic Treatment
    The logotype is very open and bold – based around Berthold Imago the letters are simple, geometric and sharp and require space to work. All visual material, print or web-based was entirely monochrome, with bright coloured focus colours used to pick out particular messages, which are usually the three product departments; investments, mortgages and money management. Printed stationery uses ‘Quantum’ on the front and the department on the back in foils.

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