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Incentro brand

Last Edited:

    Strategy, Concept and Production
    Biqini Amsterdam

    Rebranding VLC into INCENTRO
    Strategy, Concept and Production
    Biqini Amsterdam
    Strategy: Olivier van Oord
    Creative Direction: Olivier van Oord
    Copy Director: Kees Karman
    Account Director: Menno Buis
    Lead of Design: Olivier van Oord & Ultrafris
    Interaction Design: Incentro
    Brand designer: Edmundo, HiredMonkeez
    Gestured Based Interactive Installation: Mediagoe
    Frontend Development: Incentro Spain
    Backend Development: Incentro Spain

    The Incentro effect is the effect that occurs when people are put first in implementing information solutions. With focus on the value of a solution for the information worker the information productivity increases. In the Western knowledge economy managing information productivity is crucial.
    The Incentro effect is about fueling creativity, decisiveness and competence in people by inspiring them with specific, relevant and understandable information.
    With this in mind when creating design solutions for business processes, IT solutions and organizational structures, an organization can make a difference sustainably.
    The Incentro effect is not necessarily measurable. It manifests itself in inspired information workers who would like to celebrate the implementation of a new solution with you.
    Expect budget request for festivities to celebrate a new solution going live. We like to help you with the business case for these festivities. It is a breeze for us.

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