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  • LOKAL.BISTRO branding

    One and only slow fast food in the city, created by one of the best Warsaw chefs,
    Aleksander Baron, known for his original sense of mixing tradition with modern
    fashions. Come to LOKAL.BISTRO and you'll experience a great culinary feast
    in a stunning and unpretentious five meters high (!) designer's rooms.
    Located just next to Warsaw's historic attractions LOKAL.BISTRO combines original,
    regional, organic products from all over the country into a seasonal menu formula
    with gourmet burgers (among others: Polish beef or Baltic cod) as a base.
    The one with traditional Polish camembert is already an object of cult. As is the place itself.
    Wines at LOKAL.BISTRO are mixed exclusively for the place in Italian vineyards
    of a Polish baron Stepski-Doliwa and this shows the chef's attitude to hosting guests:
    originality at its best. If you want to know the best Polish tastes and also buy some
    of the products as souvenirs LOKAL.BISTRO is definitely the place to visit.
    Simple and noble. Unique and friendly. One in a kind.
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