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Logo Design 08-10

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Logo collection 08-10
    2008 - 2010
  • "Audio solutions". Logo for the studio, which produces audio products
  • Logo for a beauty salon
  • Logo for a engineering company
  • Logo for a silver jewelry company
  • Logo for a CMS
  • "Multimedia holding". Logo for a media company
  • Logo for the book club discussion
  • Logo for a computer specialist
  • "Bench". Logo for a design-bureau
  • "25 frames". Logo for videostudio
  • Logo for a beauty salon
  • Logo for a optic company
  • Logo for a creative agency
  • Logo for a site podcasting on the big tennis
  • Logo for sharing services
  • Logo for a company that offers complete solutions for safety
  • Logo for the manufacturer of natural cosmetics
  • Logo for the manufacturer of winter menswear
  • Logo for children's constructor
  • Logo for a photo/video studio
  • Logo for the guys who are a 3D cell phone
  • Logo for a hair salon
  • Logo for сonsulting сompany
  • "Lux media". Logo for advertising agency
  • Logo for applications
  • Logo for the beer store
  • Logo for the language center
  • "Your personal stamp". Logo for the company, which produces stamps a personal appointment
  • Logo for an internet resource

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