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  • MIDGAR logo designs.
    Łukasz Ruszel 2011

  • Producer of timber houses.
    nature, beauty, elegance, quality
    case study

  • 3D modeling softwarearranged, firm, reliable, power
  •  Dedicated business software.cooperation, order, progress
  • Capital management.dynamism, action, nobility
  • Investment company.simplicity, class, strength
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).SEO, growth, effectiveness
    case study
  • Transportation.motion, destination, parcel
    case study

  • Internet services.friendliness, openness, noble-bling;-), cartoon-mole!
    case study
  • Cash loans and credit, efficient management, connections
  • Jeweller.elegance, class, simplicity
  • Language school.owl, mascot
  • Internet center of legal advice.experience, law, trustworthiness
  • Night-club located in the USA.warmth, fun, friendlinesscase study
  • IT outsourcing,, pixels, connections
  • Culture portal.culture, dignity, community
  • Web page/blog about!, smile, WordPress
    case study

  • Polish Association of Domain Investors.credibility, responsibility, progress
  • Chain of fast-food restaurants.Mexican, crazy, funny
  • Flower shop.flower, organic, handwriting
  • Bookstore specialized in school, student, study
  • Sport sunglasses collection.class, high quality, design
  • DVD and Blu-ray, heads up!
  • Internet shop offering fantasy gadgets.fantasy, medieval, myth
  • Real estate valuation consulting."green mountain", trust, security, information-flow
  • Website gathering internet contests.pirates, treasure, prize
  • Window and door woodwork.
    simplicity, geometry, trustworthiness
  • Football club.tradition, bravery, emblem
  • Organization and securing music events.dynamism, music
  • Advertising agency.experience, stability, complexity
  • Shop offering products for pet, nature, movement
  • Manufacturer and seller of wireless EEG headsets.brain, examination, professionalism
  • Music club serving mostly retro hits.dynamis, retro, radio set
  • Software solutions for business.modernity, dynamism, control, creativity, center
  • Transportation.road, ahead, A
  • Printing-house.maple, paper, leaf, CMYK
  • Internet pharmacy.nature, warmth, closeness
  • Advertising agency.motion, dynamism, opportunities
  • Jewellery, elegance, sofistication
  • Łukasz Ruszel

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