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Logos from 2012
  • 20 Logotypes from 2012
    The following is a selection of 20 logos I have created in the 2012 period. Some of these logos were for clients, some were for fun.
    My personal qualitys I look for in a logo are uniqueness, simplicity and a style that speaks in the proper tone for the business. For most solutions I feel a logotype using a custom type creates a uniqueness and an uncomprimised message.
    I also believe form speaks louder than colour, and for his reason all logos are shown here in black and white. They should also work reversed out, and on white space.
    The list of the logos are:
    1. Grunt Outerwear.
    2. Alt Music Magazine
    3. River Drive Sports
    4. Blackdog brewing company.
    5. Fussy Catering
    6. Cloak & Dagger Leathergoods
    7. Ink and Oil collectables
    8. Hand Pulled Printing Co.
    9. Hand Pulled Printing Co. (Stamp)
    10. Natural Connections natural health
    11. Animal Protection Society
    12. Convert Audio Visual Solutions
    13. Endurant Supplements
    14. Digicat eletrical supplys.
    15. Sehr Gute Motoring
    16. Amiee's Patisserie
    17. Jumpfood childrens healthfood
    18. Cheeky Travel Blog
    19. Bolzano Antiques
    20. Sehr Gute Signature Logo
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