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  • Manahmana
    Branding / Identidad visual
  • Manahmana is an experimental consultancy formed by four young partners from different fields with participatory philosophy to generate new ways of working. Among its main priorities are workshops, sensibilization, group development and training.

    In September 2009 they contacted us in order to redesign their new visual identity made so far by a logo and some business cards. We got to work and after several meetings with them we conclude that the concepts we had to communicate in the project were consulting, experimental, youth, flexibility, proximity and interaction. The first two make clear reference to their work and the rest to their qualities. With youth we talk about energy, vigor and freshness. Flexibly means that their work is not tied to rules and may be subject to variations as circumstances will require while the proximity and interaction terms have to do with the way they work nearby and closely with the client.

    We took paper and pencil and started sketching trying to combine all these concepts. After several tests we ended up writing the name of the company with a Helvetica Rounded inside a balloon as used in the comics. Thus, the new brand represents the answer you everyone is looking when goes to a consultancy. The balloon communicates youth, proximity and interaction, as it is a universally known symbol to represent a conversation between two or more people. The flexibility is displayed in the rounded font as well as way that we apply the mark on different media, which also can be described as experimental because it differs from the traditional way that generally a logo is been applied. The name goes to be written on one line to two, three or four as appropriate and the peak of the balloon being down, left or up depending on the media. We choose the green color, to maintain the original, as the representative of the company as a whole. Moreover, seeing that each member of Manahmana has a different profile we decided to identify each one with a color that would appear in the applications they use individually: personalized letter sheets, business cards, the envelopes, e-mail signing...

    Finally, and as promotional material, we design some stickers stamped with a logo to stick in different places so that they would serve to promote theirselfs in a simple and funny way, using them on any medium, whether a poster, a hole in the wall...

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