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Branding for Manyfold- design and development studio.
  • Manyfold

  • visual identity

  • Manyfold is a design & development studio with a fine eye for detail and an unwavering passion for design. Manyfold has offices in France, Berlin, and Austin.

    "Our team is a carefully selected network of idea-generating, tool-savvy, interdisciplinary and stalwart makers. While independently run, we have all earned our chops in award-winning studios (Sennep, Apple, Behance). Our core concepts are using the right tools, fostering great ideas and offering pleasurable and meaningful experiences to our clients. Everything we make is hand-crafted. We apply the right amount of innovation to make your message shine through without compromising the most important part: your ideas."

  • The idea

    Manyfold is merging
    craft and technology,
    tangible with abstract,
    error with perfection,
    mistake and logic,

    taking what is best from both.

  • 20 distinct vector symbols which, set 
    with bold and solid typography, 
    represent the idea.

  • Another thing that represents the idea
    is this flexible layout, which can be transformed and
    applied to all kind of media such as business cards,
    posters, web design, brochures, graphics etc.

    Whatever the dimensions it will stay perfect.
  • variations of use

  • tagline

  • Posters representing the idea

  • Another set of posters which 
    merges images of  "perfect"  with
    hand drawn like symbols

  • stationery

  • Thank you for watching

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