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Museo Tamayo Identity System

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Located in Mexico City, the Museo Tamayo is a contemporary art museum that also houses at its core a collection of works by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo. Under a new director, the Museo Tamayo refocused its program in 2010 to present a wider range of activities including experimental programming, events, and commissioned projects. Project Projects designed an identity for the museum and a publication system for its in-house magazine, Rufino. In the identity system, a stable “T” for “Tamayo” is offset by an angled “M” for “Museo” that floats within each design at different positions. This playful gesture suggests a core question: “Where is the museum located in contemporary art?” The identity system exists in a perpetually shifting state, subverting the assumed authority of the singular, monolithic institutional identity by offering one that is responsive, dynamic, and hybrid in its place.

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