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Mute - Visual identity

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Visual identity for the creative agency Mute, based in Lyon.
  • Mute
    Visual identity and prints
    Professional work with Mute agency - 2012 -

    Why "Mute" ?
    Mute's team likes the paradox that, in a world where everybody's never stop talking, we can be "mute" for a while and do something visual with more impact! Connect and disconnect our brains to be more original, that's what the little jack can do!

    Visual identity
    The infinite sign designing by the jack and encircling the name shows what we want to develop with our clients: a sincere and long lasting relationship. We love the mix between a shiny orange color showing our dynamism and contrasting with soft black and white colors.

    Print supports
    Embossing the logo, using hot color process, choosing beautiful off-set or recycled papers reflect strong values that matter for Mute's funders, such as creativity, sobriety and dynamism.
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