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Nankin Lab Destruction Brand

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There’s a strange pleasure in watching a building crumble to the ground, tearing in half a sheet of paper or making a balloon explode, they are actions that may last less than a second, nevertheless, being so ephemeral, they move you more in a short lapse of time, we can say they are speed actions creating high intensity moments. Nankin Lab is a design studio which works within these moments to generate new projects.

  • Blogs
  • Business Cards
  • Letter envelope
  • Brand Pencil
  • Promo Posters
  • Animated Logo
  • Website
  • Natural Destruction
  • Human Destruction
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  • With the support of:
    Elisava Design School
    Daniel Ayuso
    Raquel Pelta
    Rober Sint

    Special thanks to:
    Arnau Tàsies
    Alexia Julià
    Alexandra de Requesens
    Chus Molina
    Clara Romani
    Elisava Atelier Crew
    Monica Castel
    Rodney Bunker
    Sergio Castillo

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