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Parco della Balossa

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Balossa is my final thesis project at Politecnico di Milano. It takes its name after Parco della Balossa, a metropolitan park in the suburbs of Milan that has been recently opened, but it still lacks the capability to communicate with people and to establish a relationship with them. as we can see in the following images, the logotype, the font, and pictograms are based on the same module and, combined together, they create a linear and clean language that is applied in the different maps, and in the design of the signage as well. The language of the maps is based on the elements of the visual identity, such as the colour system, the pictograms and the alphabet. The three maps offer different levels of information, depending on the scale of the maps. The environment is an active part of the signage system of the park and its identity. The buildings and the streets in the park can be considered as suitable surfaces to communicate with people. The textual applications along the streets in the park tell about the history and the characteristics of the park. These paths along the walks give information that aren’t usually known or mentioned about the park.

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