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Personal Identity

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This is a self-initiated branding project I've wanting to do for a while and finally found some time. So here it is, I hope you like it..
  • Canadian-born Ben Johnston is a 26-year old self-taught designer who grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. After a brief stint in industrial design, Ben started focusing on traditional graphic design, with a preference for creating typographic illustrations from scratch. His industrial design experience gives him the ability to break the confines of 2D and 3D, enabling him to bring his designs to life. With five years’ experience in the creative industry, Ben’s portfolio includes a prolific selection of completed projects for renowned ad agencies, South African businesses and major overseas clients – being featured on various creative websites (he was recently included in 10and5’s BEST OF GRAPHIC DESIGN 2012 list).
  • Custom CD's and pencils - minimalist details on the letterhead
  • Back of letterhead pattern
  • Posting tubes for prints

  • Portfolio - custom case with pull-out business card / CD case with printed CD - Portfolio booklet
    These are also used to deliver client work
  • Custom cut casing with pull-out business card
  • Embossed edges
  • Embosser for business cards / letterheads / envelopes CD case
  • Embossed hand-cut cards - variation between traingle and rectangle
  • Variation of white and black cards
  • Posting goods - envelopes with embossed logo in bottom left corner
  • Custom made Ipad case with engraved logo - from Research Unit in Cape Town
  • Portrait shot by Morne van Zyl (
  • New website layout - clean and simple to keep the main focus on the projects + New blog section
  • App button
  • Process pics on Instagram: benjohnston25

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