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Client: Quartz+Co Date: 2010 Assignment: Identity, website, publications
  • Quartz+Co

    Client: Quartz+Co
    Date: 2010
    Assignment: Identity, Website, Publications
  • The two consulting agencies Copenhagen Consulting Company and Quartz Strategy Consultants merged in August 2010 under the name is Quartz+Co. The company is now the largest Nordic-based, consulting firm in Scandinavia.

    Re-public has created the visual identity for the new company, unifying the former two by combining the most desirable and characteristic aspects of each individual identity. In the new design, focus is layed on expressing the best qualities of both companies, while also further emphazising the common Nordic foundation.

    The new logotype is based on a merger of the two previous logos, cutting clear to the core to strengthen essential qualities and simplify the expression. The solution is a custom designed logotype, that ties together Scandinavian simplicity with the characteristic angular shapes of the quartz stone.

    The design is implemented on all company media and formats, from business cards and email signatures to the website, signage and document templates. And following Quartz+Co’s environmental policy, the solution is integrated with a sustainable attitude towards production of various printed materials.

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