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Royal Crafts

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Royal Crafts
  • Royal Crafts is a high quality jewellery brand, which is committed to maintaining the heritage of classical Chinese handicrafts. We use manual techniques such as, “filigree”, “bluing”, and “chisel engraving” which flourished in the past in Ming and Qing Palaces. Through our craftsmanship we aim to perfectly maintain these techniques and present them to you through our art. What is the spirit of Royal Crafts? To continue the traditional techniques used in handmade jewellery workshops, where each day craftsmen create outstanding items of handicraft jewellery . In the past, Royal Crafts only made handicraft jewellery and decorative arts for a few acquainted customers, who visited the workshop to explain their requirements to our craftsmen and designer. Our designer would then make a schematic diagram and discuss it in detail with our craftsmen, after confirmation from the customer the craftsmen would then begin making the jewellery. Eventually this art work became a part of peoples private collections or was presented to customers friends as gifts. Nowadays, these art works are difficult to find, a few have been retrieved by Royal Crafts and are to be displayed in the Treasures Gallery to show our customers the Brand History of Royal Crafts.In the latter half of last century, the art works created by Royal Crafts began to spread overseas, some of which were displayed by several collectors. The craftsmanship and designs were of a highly classical Chinese style and amazing to behold, they generated a big sensation at the time. However, due to the limitations of the era, overseas customers knew little about Royal Crafts. In the final decade of the last century, Royal Crafts started to collaborate with top jewellery designers and fine jewellery brands. The exquisite techniques and unique artistic styles were highly praised by some of the most talented people in the industry. The works of Royal Craft embody a fascinating oriental story and embrace your beautiful dreams and delicate emotions.Royal Crafts continues to produce fine arts, striving to be at the forefront of stylish culture, relentlessly pursuing exquisite techniques and profound understanding of oriental aesthetics, which wish to present to you our exquisite oriental jewellery.

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