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Simple Shoes

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Rebranding done for Simple Shoes.
  • Simple Shoes
    Project Rebrand
  • 'Simple' - uncomplicated in form & design; without decoration or ornamentation.

    "Less > More"

    The story behind the mark...
    While researching Simple, I was amazed at all the different sustainable materials introduced into their products. It is after all what revolutionized their company; their "epiphany". I wanted this aspect to be very present in the design. This instantly became more of a problem than a solution. How does one design a logo that represents all these materials, and while doing so, keep it SIMPLE? 
    The mark is a visual representation of Simple's goal of reaching 100% sustainability. It's always pointing up and forward; whether in it's vertical or horizontal format. It represents the sustainable materials they use now, and those they'll be using many years from now. 

    It's that simple.
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