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Sinovo Translation — Strategy, Identity, Experience

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Branding for Sinovo Translation

  • Client: Sinovo Translation — Sweden.
    Description: With the translation market becoming more competitive, and the potential for 
    Chinese to become a second language in Sweden, Sinovo are keen to position themselves
    as the leaders. I was commissioned to create a strategy which focused their strengths, 
    redesign the identity and develop the look and feel for the brand moving forward.

    In order to position Sinovo as the leaders, I first needed to focus how they communicated 
    the offerings of the company and how to better represent their values. From this I created 
    a stronger and more iconic identity that differentiated them from the competition.

    The simple colour palette came from a mix of the predominant use of Red in China and 
    Sinovo's forward looking values. The S symbol, split into 3 serves as a reminder of their 
    3 main values as well as a graphic window device – giving access to another culture, 
    full of opportunity for clients.

  • More work coming shortly

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