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Swedish Institute

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We make brands fashionable
  • Swedish Institute - Swedish fashion goes Berlin
    We make brands fashionable
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    These days Sweden’s international profile has a lot more to do with creativity, and a lot less with steel, paper and Volvo cars. Sweden is exporting more and more fashion, music, literature and, needless to say, design. But how should one promote these products, services, companies and people in the best possible way outside Sweden?

    In order to plug Sweden as a land of creativity a communication strategy has been put together. Neumeister was responsible for the conceptualization, and the platform, “Swedish creativity goes abroad” was created. The visual identity is easy to transform into various fields like fashion, film, music … with the two circles creating the “s” representing two cultures coming together with all their differences and similarities.

    The very first event “Swedish fashion goes Berlin” turned the German capital into one enormous catwalk for Swedish Fashion. More than 600 people squeezed into the fashion show. A seminar and a photo exhibition were also totally packed.

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