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The Olive Tree

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A Total Rebrand Project for a kosher restaurant.
  • The Olive Tree Restaurant
    A Total Rebrand for a Kosher-Fusion Restaurant in Kraków
  • Meet Yitzhak Horovitz: entrepreneur, rabbi, kitchen experimentator & a really cool guy, who asked us, along with some other creative individuals - Katarzyna Baraniewicz, a talented photographer & Pan Slogan, a copywriter extraordinaire - to design a complex yet minimalistic visual identity for his restaurant and catering business. Our main source of inspiration was Yitzhak himself - one of the main hubs of Jewish life in Kraków - a very disciplined man of cloth & yet a really hilarious hasidic hipster.
  • The logo was to be set in simple hasidic black (#231F20) & white (#FFFFFF). We're still trying to get those colours to the patent office, by the way.
  • Please feel free to call Yitzhak in case you're hungry or need spiritual guidance.
  • That's not really his car.
  • Yitzhak's food tastes even better than it looks. 
  • The main problem with the menu was to intertwine three languages - polish, english and hebrew. The primary font used was Meta Serif Pro.
  • The Olive Tree also serves great & kosher drinks, all of which can be found in "The Drinks Menu".
  • Finally Kraków has a good place to get drunk in style & with dignity.
  • The breakfast deal is very flexible and so is "The Breakfast Menu" .
  • Also works great as a fanning device. 
  • In case Yitzhak gets any new breakfast ideas, he can unscrew the menu, put anything he wants in it, and then screw it back together. I wanted to make a funny commentary on that, but nothing comes to my mind. 
  • Every Saturday, after the sun goes down, The Shabbat ends and The Olive Tree comes back to life with a Live Music Event. As the ultra-jewish Black Eyed Peas say: "L'chaim!"
  • We've also been asked to prepare a set of press advertisments for the local newspapers and magazines. 
  • Collateral so fine you could basically eat it (provided you like the taste of paper).
  • If you ever find yourself in Kraków, please visit The Olive Tree, known worldwide for great progressive kosher cuisine, no brechvard and kvetch whatsoever and a lot of simcha. 

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