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A branding campaign developed for Trendlens, for part of our Branding & Visual Communication module in Hyper Island.
  • Trendlens
    Branding, identity & UX Design for social analytics tool Trendlens
  • A branding campaign developed for Trendlens, for part of our Branding & Visual Communication 
    module in Hyper Island. Trendlens is a social media analytical tool that works as a see-through lens 
    for the web, clarifying patterns of trends and information. Trendlens collects data from different social media 
    platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, news portals and blogs. Their service demonstrates the chain 
    reactions, or ‘ripples’ of events happening within the interweb.

    The Brand Manifesto

    Our vision for Trendlens is an image synonymous with steadfastness, clarity, intelligence, and future vision. 
    The logo for Trendlens is a testament to how they handle and deliver data with innovation. We liken their 
    methodology to the process of white light (the input) passing through a prism before refracting into a
    spectrum of colors (the output). Like a prism,Trendlens takes raw data, processes it and delivers it with concise 
    graphical representations that are visually appealing to the users.

    Creative & Copywriter: Warren Teo
    Art Director: Patrik Lythell
    Art Director: Malin Lindvall
    Graphic Designer: Sebastian Hallqvist
    Web Designer: Younus Abdalla
    Project Manager: Pernille Halvorsen

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