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Vague Records

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Vague Records is my B.A Thesis about an underground music label that focuses on post-rock music and vinyls, actually a case study in form and typography.
  • Vague Records


    Vague records  is an underground music label based in Athens, Greece that focuses on vinyls and any kind of global instrumental music that speaks wisely.


    post - rock
    From the beggining the purpose was to follow a very specific genre of music that would allow me to focus on a particular design develpoment. Post - rock is mostly orchestral music and the basic characteristic is the lack of lyrics. It is dominated by sharp escalations, the orchestral outbursts, heavy guitars and at the end of each track, occurs redemption. Post - rock is characterised by electroniccomponets, such as the use of samples. Derives also from classical music, and comes out with a modern version, using piano or a violin but mostly is characterised by its heavy sound using intense outbursts.


    naming the label
    Vague means something unclear and dim and that name is associated with both music lovers and musicians of post - rock. The lack of lyrics create a vague feeling and the listener feels a variety of emotions, since there are no lyrics to direct his psychology. Also, different listeners describe the same piece of music with intense emotions such as travel, nostalgia, sadness, joy, explosion, freedom, nature. In addition,musicians are mostly occupied to create strong emotions through the music composition, rather than recounting stories with lyrics.
    In most cases,musicians are trying to communicate through the title of the album and thenames of the tracks.


    Vague records sells only vinyls because they can be collectable, are characterised by high quality and have such a great format that helped me to develop the design.


    Audience is composed mainly of people over 15 years old, music lovers, constantly looking for further musical tastes, coming from different musical genres such as post-punk, shoegaze, mathcore and more. It aims also to individual musicians or bands, that would like to join the label.


    task of tha label
    the communication of the label, concerning the entire range of its applications, aims to the creation of a single and strong identity, that would not be monotonous, that would vary in its entirety from its competition and express effectively this genre of music and its musicians/bands. The audience should simply catch the tone of the label by holding the card or the packaging of an artwork, watching the poster, the folder etc.


    The design was performed using geometry, meaning geometric patterns, and pure typography, which give dynamic, intensity and rhythm. The task was to create a concept for every individual artwork and through graphics i tried to attribute all these tensions, dynamics, rhythm and balance that comes out from the music compositions. The concept of every individual artwork came from the name of the band, the titles of the tracks, their philosophy as a band and the feeling that derives from their music. Briefly, in this creative procedure of developing the design, 
    i tried to face music as design and design as music.
  • Typefaces
    Parachute Fonts

    Perrakis AE


    Explosions In The Sky
    65Days of Static
    Yndi Halda
    Red Sparowes
    This Will Destroy You
    Russian Circles
    God Is An Astronaut


    Middlesex University
    B.A (Honours) in Graphic Design
    Athens/ Greece _2012


    Moral support
    family & friends
    George Strouzas

    Special Thanks
    Armin Hoffman's
    Graphic Design Manual

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    A page of sheet music represents a piece of music. The music itself is what you get when the notes on the page are sung or performed on a musical instrument. It is in its performance that the music comes alive and becomes part of our experience. The music exists not on the printed page, but in our minds. The same is true for mathematics; the symbols on a page are just a representation of the mathematics. When read by a competent performer (in this case, someone trained in mathematics), the symbols on the printed page come alive, the mathematics lives and breathes in the mind of the reader like some abstract symphony.

    Keith Devlin

    Thank you for watching.

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