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Various Logos

Last Edited:
Various Logos 2008-2011
  • Various Logos
    Designed between 2008-2011
  • Some of these are for commercial projects, some for non-profit, some - self initiated. Some accepted, some rejected, some - purely imaginary.
  • Logo for a milk and cheeses producer Frezco. For a full identity and packaging see Frezco Project.
  • Pre-Frezco Names and Logos suggestions
  • Proposed Logo for a Perfume producer
  • Proposed Logo for Art Directors Club Bulgaria
  • Name and Logo for a bar in Sofia (rejected)
  • Proposed Logo for Tulip Foundation. For full identity see Tulip Foundation Project.
  • Proposed Logo for bulgarian retro format radio station
  • Logo for a Financial Consultancy
  • The rejected Logo for VAS
  • Ex Libris Logo for our Library
  • Logo for a cheap line of milk products
  • Imaginary Logo for an imaginary Bar & Diner

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