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Visio Ingenii

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Background Visio Ingenii Ltd. is a UK Headquartered company that works in the defense, security and surveillance domain. Working largely for government enterprises across the world, it needed a logo that was sophisticated, crisp and unique. Solution Visio Ingenii in latin means vision intelligence. I contextualized and combined this field of intelligence and services as a power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the 5 senses, making it to be the powerful 6th sense i.e. intuition, and thus describing the company as offering “the 6th sense in security and surveillance. The idea drove the simple and subliminal logo rendition and also the tagline vision intellisense.
  • Visio Ingenii
    Sixth sense of security surveillance
  • Visio Ingenii is a UK based security surveillance technology company needing a sophisticated and secretive identity to convey its unique offering. 
    The company name means vision intelligence in Latin and it caters to 6 specialized sectors (Defense, Retail, Medical, Government, National security & Transport). This aspect was combined to build a singular brand narrative - The power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the 5 senses, but needing the powerful 6th sense of intelligence i.e. intuition. Thereby portraying the company as offering 'the 6th sense' in security and surveillance. The logotype uses a re interpreted Roman ‘VI’ (6), to bring focus to and convey it as the lens with
    the 6th sense.
    Tailored business cards for each sector accentuate the brand offering through unique messaging that uses words with missing 'vi's, instigating the automatic use of and power of intuition. 
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