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Voimaosakeyhtiö SF

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Voimaosakeyhtiö SF is the majority owner of power company Fennovoima. The line of business is to deliver energy to companies producing, transmitting and delivering electricity and other forms of energy. Werklig was given a task to create a simple yet versatile identity for the company. Being an energy delivering company it was natural to have some kind of appearance of electricity and energy in the identity. The generalized symbol for energy is lightning so we decided to include it somehow in the identity mix. However, we wanted to avoid the most obvious cliches when illustrating electricity. The solution was leaving the logotype simple yet recognizable, and placing a supporting lightning element elsewhere in materials. All printed surfaces are split diagonally from lower left corner to the upper right corner with a lightning. The lightning figure in the center is always 1/20 from the height of the surface. The new identity guidelines go through the use of additional colours, typography and all visual elements that consolidate filosophy and actions of the organisation. The metallic spot colour gives nice contrast to the matt white paper and a desired spark for all prints.

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