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Washtime - Logo + Identity

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Graphic Design proposal for Washtime, a new concept in carcleaning on location. This design was pitched to the client. Images used were only for presentational purposes © to their respectful owners.
  • Washtime
    Logo + Identity + Website Impression
  • Washtime is a new concept in the world of carwashing services. They are offering location based car cleaning. If you were way too busy to wash your own car, but you have a very important meeting and a tight deadline you can call them to come by and wash your car for you. They also specialize in on-site services for larger carparks!

    We made some mockups for the website, clothing, the logo and businesscards, enjoy!


    Logo + Presentation: Richard de Ruijter

    Because this was a pitch the photo's we used were found on google, © copyright lies at their respectful owners. Photo's were only used for presentational purposes and will not be used for commercial gain.
  • Website screenshots
  • Clothing Mockups
  • Miscellanious
  • That's it, that's all!

    Thanks for checking out our project.

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