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case study 001

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Objective: The objective of the 2006 Client Advisory Board Meeting was to introduce the new “scientific” messaging and branding of TeleTech ® and our Human Capital (Hc) capabilities to our embedded base clients attending the conference. Our Winter session focused on the role that deeply engaged frontline employees can have in creating a positive, material impact on our clients’ customer satisfaction and retention, and consequentially the bottom line. Strategy: Our Design Strategy was to find a connection between our Human Capital offering and the science of customer management. Solution: Our solution was to utlize metaphoric symbolization of a “lab” and “team field testing enviroment” aesthetic. We designed our mechanics utilizing metallic substrates, anti-static bags, synthetic paper, and typographical lab packaging metaphors—to convey to the audience that they are a group of field experts (Lab + Scientific) and have been commissioned to go out in the field and conduct research to better understand the Human Capital product offering. All of the printed mechanics were digitally printed. Results: The entire event delivered a revenue to expense ration of 34:1. BMA Gold Key Awards // "Best In Production" // Campaign location: Torrey Pines Golf Course, La Jolla, California
  • case study 001
    client advisory board meeting // event campaign branding // fall '06
  • exhibit A :: Event Micro-Site
  • exhibit B :: Hydration Field Gear
  • exhibit C :: Invitation  
  • exhibit D :: User's Manual Field Gear
  • exhibit F :: Writing Instrument Field Gear
  • exhibit E :: Table Tents
  • exhibit 1 :: Main Stage Signage
  • exhibit 2 :: POR Signage
  • exhibit 3 :: Hanging Door Signage
  • exhibit 4 :: Door Signage
  • exhibit G :: Lanyard Field Manual
  • exhibit H :: Libations Field Gear
  • exhibit I :: Projectile Field Gear
  • exhibit J :: Prevention Field Gear
  • exhibit K :: Prevention / SPF 15 Sunscreen + Lip Balm Field Gear
  • exhibit L :: Emergency Field Gear
  • exhibit M :: Headwear Field Gear
  • exhibit N :: Restoration Field Gear
  • exhibit O :: Repository Field Gear
  • exhibit P :: Maintenance Field Gear
  • exhibit Q :: Research Field Gear
  • exhibit R :: Outerwear Field Gear
  • exhibit S :: Outerwear Field Gear
  • exhibit T :: Luggage Field Gear

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