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Heim clothing

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Visual profile for heim. A clothing brand based on the beautiful nature around Sunnmøre in Norway.
  • Heim clothing

    Heim is an urban clothing brand based on Sunnmørsalpane and the colours and nature around it. From the grey and white summits thru the green forest, it stretches itself all the way down to the blue fjords along the west coast in Norway.

    The brand is inspired from the mighty alps thru forms, colours, photostyle and names. The language which is used is Norwegian nynorsk, which make the difference compared to other brands in the same category. Every piece of the the brand is numbered, and makes each piece to a limited edition. Every tag is a part of a big picture from each area. Heim means home in Norwegian – and heim is my Inspiration from home.

    Thank you to Kristin Støylen and Rune Molnes for the photos –

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